DAVIS Announces Company-Wide Promotions in 2024

DAVIS team poses for the camera at a construction site.

We are proud to announce 64 new company-wide promotions effective January 2024! These promotions reflect the strength of our core operations teams as well as our focus on excellence. Thank you to all our employees for their incredible accomplishments and contributions. We are excited to see all that these great people will accomplish in their new roles and look forward to their continued success within the company.

We continue to work toward fulfilling our vision to build a culture at DAVIS that is innovative, connected, and balanced. Thank you to all our people for continuing to redefine our industry and providing the best solutions to building success for all. – Dominic Argentieri, President

Jon Ellen has built a strong resume in his 25-year DAVIS career, and he has been promoted to Senior Vice President. Jon will lead our efforts in the Philadelphia market and oversee the Healthcare and Science + Technology groups.

Ben Apfelbaum, Tom Gneccoand Chris Hartzler have been an integral part of DAVIS’ culture and expertise, and they each have been named Vice Presidents. They will continue to blend hands-on leadership with expert technical skills to navigate key market sectors and push our business to the next level.

Alex Hershey has been promoted to Vice President- Accounting + Financial Reporting. Alex provides detailed financial reports and expert guidance to both internal and external stakeholders, and his passion for working with numbers makes him an asset to the team.

Bill Myers and Mike Sendek each have multiple decades of experience and have been named Vice President - Construction Operations. With a collaborative approach to connect office and field staff, Bill and Mike will combine extensive technical knowledge with efficient communication to both these groups.

Jason Kibler has been named Vice President - Environmental Health + Safety. Kibler will continue to foster the safety culture at DAVIS, spearheading safety initiatives and innovative program development, always ensuring that safety is the number one priority.

Dan Preston has been named Director. With over two decades of industry expertise, he has excelled at successfully delivering large projects while exceeding time and cost objectives. Dan dives into the details and builds long-term relationships along with high-value commercial spaces.

In recognition of the hard-working team members in our Resource Groups, Hillary Ghent has been named Assistant General Counsel. She analyzes and negotiates prime contracts, advising business leaders of potential contractual risks and proposed solutions. Hillary also supports DAVIS’ expansion goals with a deep understanding of compliance programs and controls. Additionally, Giacomo Goyzueta and Gail White have been named Director – Estimating. They help DAVIS analyze the most complex projects in the country, and with their knowledge of building systems, materials, costs, they push DAVIS to adapt to an ever-changing industry.


Senior Vice President
Jon Ellen

Vice President 
Ben Apfelbaum 
Tom Gnecco 
Chris Hartzler
Alex Hershey (Accounting + Financial Reporting)
Jason Kibler (Environmental Health + Safety)
Bill Myers (Construction Operations)
Michael Sendek (Construction Operations)


Dan Preston

Construction Executive – Field Operations
Eric Cloutier
Dave McIntire
Nick Oswald

Project Executive
Shawn Chaney
Kara Mele

Senior Superintendent
Mike Gavalla
James Jenkins
Gerald Regalado
Marcus Reno

Senior Project Manager
Adam Abramson
Doug Watson
Kaidy Wollman
Nyema Wolo

Ingrid Argueta
Alex Benitez
Thomesena Kenion
Scott Thompson

Project Manager
Katie Arsenault
Maggie DeWitt
Camille Johnson
Ian Lefcourt
Tyler Nally
Ainsworth Neal
Asenath Reyes
Christian Salazar

Project Manager I
John Abbruzzi
Louis D’Agostino
Ana Doyle
Scott Goodman
Alyson Gregorowicz
Matt Holmes
Shannon Molsky                                                                         

Assistant Project Manager                                                     
Shyree Anderson
Andy Flores
Becca Might
Zach Smith
Tim Taylor
Josh Tyson

Project Superintendent
Buddy Ricketts
Walter Ward

Project Engineer
Joaquin Izquierdo
Giselle Moreno

Project Coordinator
Shalonda Boone


Assistant General Counsel
Hillary Ghent

Director – Estimating
Giacomo Goyzueta 
Gail White

Preconstruction Executive
Susan Lambert

Carlos Alonzo – Assistant Financial Accountant
Kami Arteaga – IM+D Coordinator
Marvin Cathey – Virtual Construction Manager
Cat Chu – Sr. Virtual Construction Engineer
Skylarh Jelen – Sr. Virtual Construction Engineer
Diana Portillo – Applications Specialist
Frank Scalfaro – Virtual Construction Manager 
Shukria Shawqi – Instructional Designer