Virtual Construction + Reality Capture


Before we snap the first chalk line or put a shovel in the ground, we’re already solving issues at the jobsite — virtually. No other company offers our blend of practical construction experience and technical expertise to deliver such a wide-scale, holistic approach to Virtual Construction. We are unique in our emphasis on process, depth of integration with the project team, and in-house reality capture capabilities.

BIM Model



Integrating the latest VC and reality capture tools leads to a project with improved collaboration, faster problem solving, increased productivity, higher quality, and greater schedule certainty. Confidently understanding how each building element will interface with one another opens the door to prefabrication and alternate construction methods, further compounding these benefits.

Field Engineers on-site at 1900 Half Street

Resolve Issues Before They Happen

With virtual models, we collaborate with designers, engineers, and trade partners to resolve any conflicts prior to fabrication and installation. Our extensive use of in-house laser scanning technology helps establish accurate as-built models and allows for verifying work in place against the design model to ensure quality. With our reality capture tools we record true slab conditions, detail existing above-ceiling layouts, map exterior topography, and confirm the accuracy of design drawings.

clash avoidance

An Ever-Evolving Process

Over 15 years ago we offered the industry’s first Virtual Construction 40-hour program focused on building VC expertise to our operations staff. This same program continues today with updates to incorporate real-world feedback and advancements in technology. Recently, we've expanded the use of existing conditions data to shift away from reactive clash detection to more proactive clash avoidance.



Our VC process starts with understanding each project's unique challenges, establishing the desired outcome and a timeline for achieving it. Modeling, existing conditions capture, and coordination commence and culminate with the final deliverables in a format designed for ease of use by the skilled tradespeople on the job.

Chris Scanlon, Chief Innovation Officer, DAVIS
Visualization and Communication Services

Visualization and Communication Services

Leverage virtual construction models to quickly and easily understand your complex interfaces or construction issues.

Constructability Reviews

Constructability Reviews

Create virtual mock-ups to detail intricate portions of your construction project to study them, and plan in advance.

Field Integration

Field Intergration

Utilize mobile apps to view models in the field and verify your work-in-place, as well as overall construction progress.

Scheduling and sequence planning

Scheduling and Sequence Planning

Use 4D scheduling to visualize the proposed sequence of work so that all teams understand the construction approach.


Virtual Construction, Grounded in Reality

Virtual Construction, Grounded in Reality

While terrestrial laser scanning is becoming more commonplace in our industry, DAVIS has been expanding our reality capture expertise since we scanned our first project – a 1M-SF renovation of Constitution Center in 2008. Demand for reality capture services has driven the creation of a dedicated department of professionals servicing requests for as-built information. Our team combines decades of field experience with the latest technology including:

- Photogrammetry-driven models from drones and crane cameras
- Mobile SLAM based lidar systems
- Ground-penetrating radar (GPR)
- Robotic layout
- Automated structural monitoring
- Location-based 360 degree camera systems


Virtual Construction

  • Constructability Reviews
  • Accessibility Reviews
  • Reality Capture
  • Safety Planning
  • Logistics Planning / 4D Scheduling
  • Trade Coordination – Plenum and Architectural
  • Augmented Reality
  • Facilities Management Turnover
  • Creation of Supplemental Models
  • Modeling of Existing Conditions
  • Quantity Take-Offs / Model-Based Estimating

Reality Capture

  • Interior Plenum + Structure
  • Capture of Existing Floor Plans
  • Project Site
  • Pre-Pour Documentation
  • Floor Flatness
  • Verification of Work in Place
  • Core Drill / Slab Penetration Coordination