As Director, Dan takes on some of the most complex base building projects in the region. With over two decades of industry expertise, he has excelled at successfully delivering some of DAVIS' largest projects while exceeding time and cost objectives. As a key part of DAVIS' largest revenue project in Capital One Block B, as well as leading the ongoing Reston Row campus project, Dan brings long-term vision and leadership to the table while diving into the details and building new relationships from the ground up for high-value commercial spaces. He's able to manage massive campus-style projects by emphasizing the importance of lasting connections with industry trade partners as well as clients.

An expert on scope and schedule, Dan isn't afraid of an ambitious task, and he takes our projects to new heights.

Always an active builder, Dan keeps himself busy at home with projects that range from woodworking to raising three boys! 

Penn State University, Bachelor of Architectural Engineering – 2010