The Shops at Georgetown Park

  • Client
    AG Georgetown Park Holdings
  • Location
    Washington, DC
  • Size
    405,800-SF; 294,000-SF Garage
Shops at Georgetown Park

Project Brief

Until 2012, The Shops at Georgetown Park had a traditional-style mall design that no longer worked for the neighborhood or its clientele. Shoppers stopped shopping. Retailers moved out. The mall's 1970s-1980s style now seemed dated and depressed, unfit for a charming city hotspot. To survive, The Shops needed a full-scale makeover — and fast.

Our team saw this multi-phase renovation project as an opportunity to continue our relationship with a valued client while reviving the community's fondness for the mall. To bring The Shops back to life, we devised a complicated game plan — and got it done on time and on budget.

machine using water to demolish

See Hydro-demolition technique

See Hydro-demolition technique

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We took an already tight schedule and compressed it to meet our client’s needs. We changed the way we operated to make it work, while never compromising quality,

Greg Ghent, Vice President, DAVIS

Concrete Chopping for Easy Shopping

As Washington DC locals, we recognize the extensive planning that goes into revitalizing busy neighborhoods while following noise restrictions set by occupied buildings. As expert general contractors, we also have the vision and experience to anticipate any potential problems — to be creative and flexible, while meeting the client's goals at all stages. Needless to say, renovating The Shops was a tall order on a tight timeline — but we were up for the task.

First, the rundown parking garage required major structural slab repair; nearly every square foot of slab had to be partially or fully demolished and repoured. We utilized hydro-demolition because it would have the least impact to the existing retailers and residential tenants who remained in the building throughout construction. We upgraded and strengthened the foundation wall, and fully gutted existing unused open areas and 130 retail spaces. We also positioned new shop doorways for easy access from the street, so pedestrians could safely enter stores without entering the construction zone. Name a vertical transportation installation type, and we did it — from hydraulic to traction, we modernized old shafts and added 12 elevators. We also installed six new escalators and prepared the new space for anchor tenants, such as TJ Maxx, where we completed an interior build-out.

On top of overhauling a massive space in a short amount of time, we accomplished it while a garage, four retail stores, and a residential building remained occupied — and undisturbed.

Building Business in a Prime Neighborhood

Upon completion, we handed off The Shops at Georgetown Park in top core-and-shell condition. Our surgical-style renovation gave this old shopping mall a much-needed facelift. The client is ecstatic, and business is now better than ever. This large-scale, complex project was a perfect fit for our renovation team.