New Greenhouse Opens at Friendship Terrace!

Grand opening banner sits above new plants at greenhouse

This week, we visited the residents at Friendship Terrace to celebrate the grand opening of their newly renovated greenhouse—built by DAVIS! Managed by Seabury Resources for Aging ®, Friendship Terrace has provided seniors with a comfortable and affordable place to live in Washington, DC for decades. The fifth-floor greenhouse wasn’t part of the original construction, but was added as an amenity shortly after, giving residents the opportunity to grow and maintain plants throughout the year.

In the years since, however, the greenhouse has needed some rejuvenation. Plants need airflow to thrive, and the ventilation system was a bit outdated. The fan had stopped working as well as it once did, and the retractable roof was operated by hand-crank, which older residents sometimes struggled to use.

The new greenhouse has a state-of-the-art ventilation system and brand-new glass that allows plants to live a healthy life. We also made sure the new space was accessible, ensuring space for wheelchairs to move freely throughout the area!

New plants align the shelving inside the new greenhouse

Dawn Quattlebaum, CEO of Seabury Resources for Aging®, addressed residents at the ribbon cutting ceremony. “We are very grateful for the generosity of DAVIS Construction and all our partners who helped renovate and bring new life to the greenhouse at Friendship Terrace. Our residents can have a space where they will nurture plants and flowers and bring a new level of beauty to our community,” Quattlebaum said.

We’ll be sure to visit Friendship Terrace again soon and see what new plants have arrived!