Interview with Tyler Dunning, BOMA Philadelphia Rising Star

A man standing in between two women and holding an award

Tyler Dunning is a Superintendent at DAVIS and is currently helping advance DAVIS’ footprint in the Philadelphia commercial real estate market. In addition to working on multiple projects in the area, he’s constantly networking and bringing DAVIS new opportunities. Building Owners + Managers Association (BOMA) of Philadelphia just recognized his efforts and named him a Rising Star at their Annual Conference! 

How does it feel to have been named a Rising Star?

I was shocked—I wasn’t expecting it at all, but I was very humbled. The votes came from peers in the industry, building owners, and other people that I look up to, so it was just special. There’s a lot of extra work I’ve been doing, on top of running the job site, and it felt really validating to be recognized.

Take us through the day of a Rising Star. What have you been able to do as a member of BOMA?

I just try to show up as much as I can and help wherever I’m needed. I’ve been able to participate through the Emerging Leaders Committee, and through that I’ve been helping organize events and drive decision-making. I also help organize group events for BOMA’s mentor/mentee program, which has helped form some real relationships, which has helped drum up business for DAVIS, too. It’s been so great to have an impact through this organization, and help the industry connect. 

Why are these efforts so important to you?

Making Philadelphia a better place to work and live is huge to me—being from Philly and growing up here, it’s very near and dear to my heart. I’ve been lucky to be a part of DAVIS’ expansion into this market, and the best way for me to support that is to support organizations like BOMA and create connections across the board. BOMA has been really willing to help, and they see the value of producing events, and sharing knowledge in the industry—it’s setting the stage for the next generation.

We’re in a people-focused business at the end of the day—and if you talk to anybody that knows me at DAVIS, you know I have no problem talking. So I try to do whatever I can for our business development efforts.

Your summer is probably pretty booked, then.

Very busy! Happy hours, of course, and golf events are starting up as well. I’m also co-chairing a committee at BOMA that is producing an event featuring lawyers discussing contracts and leases, which is a great learning opportunity. BOMA International is actually in Philadelphia, which is really exciting. I’m moderating a lunch-and-learn with some industry leaders as well, where they’ll discuss difficult times in their career and how to approach different challenges. 

I’ve also got my day-to-day work to take care of, which is a little bit of everything—from projects to bringing in bids and helping DAVIS wherever I can. By title I’m a Superintendent, but I try to wear as many hats as possible.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

One thing I took to heart is that you should always have a well-rounded group of mentors, so that you can learn little bits and pieces from everybody about what to do, and what not to do. So, I’ve got mentors from different aspects of the industry—the construction side, financial side, office side, everything. To me, the benefit of that is growing in several lanes instead of putting the blinders on.