Group of six men around table wearing masks.

Collaborating with MOSH and our peers to lift the safety standard for all.

Strategic Partnership for Excellence in Construction Safety, or SPECS for short, is a collaboration with Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH) and our peers in the construction community. SPECS’ mission is to raise the safety and health standard across the construction market and recognize those who go above and beyond the standard. At DAVIS, Environmental Health + Safety is a top priority, and we’re proud to be a SPECS partner as we continue our commitment to protect our people.

As a member of SPECS, we’re able to take advantage of our strong partnership with MOSH to increase communication and implement the latest safety standards—MOSH even provides on-site assistance as part of this joint effort. Additionally, we connect with other SPECS peer group members to share best practices to help elevate everyone’s game, because when the industry improves in safety, everyone wins. Our trade partners with SPECS involvement have developed exceptional safety and health management systems, and because of this, DAVIS project sites have successfully reduced injuries and illnesses.

Last week, we were part of an executive interview regarding Coakley & Williams’ efforts to improve their safety strategies and reach Level 2 of their SPECS agreement. DAVIS EHS Director Jason Kibler reviewed their operations as part of an auditing team, determined that safety and health truly are core values at Coakley & Williams, and recommended their advancement. Coakley & Williams has made strides in educating their temporary labor force on safety guidelines, contributing to the success of the industry as a whole!

The goal of SPECS truly is collaboration—continued cooperation between regulators and our peers in the construction field will benefit everyone in the community. We’re committed to a greater focus on people, and the best way to keep all our people, from DAVIS employees to our valued specialty contractors, is to work together. We encourage our peers to keep working as part of a greater team and push into the future of safety and health. Visit the SPECS website to learn more, and hear from DAVIS' own Jason Kibler in his own words about the program here!