DAVIS X Shawn Chaney

Shawn Cheney

Shawn Chaney is a Senior Project Manager within our Renovation group. He’s in the final stretch of completing the Ronald McDonald House in Northern Virginia, which you can read about here. We talked with Shawn about this project as well as his career at DAVIS—read on to learn more about him!

How long have you worked at DAVIS?
I started in September of 2019—I was previously a Director of Construction Operations for a government contractor. I was dealing with the government, hiring and firing people, and I realized I wanted to go back to actually building things. That’s when I found DAVIS, and I’ve been happy to get back out in the field.

What do you think of DAVIS so far?
It’s a great place to work. I’m passionate about building things, but my family is also my passion—I’m a father of three girls, and with DAVIS, I’m able to find a balance where I can get my job done and see my family.

How did you get into construction?
I’ve always just wanted to be outside—when I was younger and my friends were getting fast food jobs, I was a bricklayer or a roofer. I don’t mind going to work in jeans and boots.

What does it take to lead a project to success, in your opinion?
You’ve got to take ownership of any problems you run into. If you don’t, they only get larger. It’s important to look down the road and avoid getting tunnel vision.

You’ve definitely found success at the Ronald McDonald House in Northern Virginia, shaving two months off its initial schedule. What’s been key to that accomplishment?
Overcommunication. With our pull planning sessions, we found ways to keep the entire process moving constantly. Our trade partners really stepped up to the plate, too. We’re really proud of this project—it marks the first time I’ve ever added a second floor to a wood frame building, and we were able to maintain the profile of the original design.

What does it mean to you to work on a project that can make such an impact to our community?
It means a lot to give back. My sister-in-law used a Ronald McDonald House when she had her first child—without it, she would have been three hours from the hospital, but she was able to be there for her daughter. Talking to our trade partners, everybody knew someone that had stayed at a Ronald McDonald House before. It’s the kind of project that recharges your batteries, because those personal connections make everyone want to do the best job possible.