DAVIS X Dennis Cotter


Dennis Cotter serves as a Principal for DAVIS, and has been with the company for over 30 years He’s been a big part of DAVIS’ longstanding partnership with Jubilee Housing – read about this partnership here. We talked with Dennis about his time at DAVIS and the work he has been a part of with Jubilee Housing!

What was it about Jubilee Housing that got DAVIS interested in working with them for nearly 30 years and counting?
We were taken with their mission—providing good, safe housing for people living below the poverty line. They were a full-service program that included job opportunities, daycare, and more, and that resonated with things DAVIS felt strongly about. We jumped in full steam ahead after being introduced.

You were a big part of Jubilee Work Day. Tell us about that.
It was a day where board members, employees, and others, helped fix up Jubilee’s buildings, whether it was paint, landscaping, some carpentry, building playgrounds, or anything else that needed fixing up. DAVIS employees and their families spent many falls helping out on Jubilee Work Day, and it was a really great time. Residents even came and spoke about what Jubilee meant to them and their neighbors, which was really inspirational for everyone that volunteered. Since Jim Knight has been involved in Jubilee, they’ve expanded their refinancing process, which allows them to upgrade their buildings completely, providing safe and great affordable housing.

What do you think makes this partnership so successful?
I think Jubilee sees more than just financial help. We get involved with their mission and connect other commercial real estate companies to Jubilee as well. We also value their initiatives like the Elf Store and Back to School Store—our people love being a part of those operations that provide direct help to the community.

We’re excited to keep supporting Jubilee Housing, because it’s a shining example of how these organizations operate. From the top down, they’re fantastic people, and I give a lot of credit to Jim Knight for their success. There are so many people at DAVIS who are willing to jump in and help out whenever they can—there’s a passion for giving back to the community, which is so important in a partnership like this.

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