DAVIS Tops Out at Oakwood Senior!

Project team poses for a photo at the topping out celebration

This month, we joined the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH), Grimm + Parker Architects, and others to celebrate our topping out at Oakwood Senior, which will bring 150 units of affordable housing for seniors to the Lee District in Alexandria, replacing an underutilized stormwater retention area! Completing in 2023, Oakwood Senior will feature amenity spaces and inspire a sense of community for residents aging in place gracefully. Supporting our community is one of our core values, and APAH’s continued investment in the region is a perfect match for us.

Thank you to everyone on the project team for your continued dedication, and congratulations on this milestone!  We're so excited to watch this project continue to flourish.

DAVIS employees flex for the camera.
The DAVIS team at Oakwood Senior flexing for the cameras.