DAVIS Achieves Tier 2 Level in Virginia BUILT Program

DAVIS Employees wearing safety gear look at a tablet

This summer, our acclaimed Environmental Health & Safety program has reached Tier Two within Virginia BUILT! The Virginia Chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC-VA) and the Virginia Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) have established the Virginia BUILT program, a strategic partnership to recognize the importance of providing a safe and healthful work environment in the construction industry. VOSH performed evaluations of our EHS program, interviewed workers in the field, and evaluated onsite safety performance.

Benefits of Virginia BUILT

By participating in the Virginia BUILT program, we’ve emphasized our commitment to raising the safety and health standard across the construction market. Our efforts have led to increased morale, and improvement of trade partner safety performance. The benefits of Virginia BUILT also include reducing costs associated with injuries, illnesses, potential insurance premium decreases, and more!

Environmental Health + Safety (EHS) at DAVIS

At DAVIS, employees at every level and discipline are extensively trained to recognize hazards and empowered to hold themselves accountable for assessing project safety. We also ensure our trade partners follow correct procedures with continuous communication and effective leadership. Keeping our people safe is the least we can do—however, what sets us apart is how we go above and beyond.

At DAVIS, safety is a top-down commitment with support at all levels.  The Virginia BUILT Program has helped us fine-tune and further enhance our focus on safety.  We look forward to engaging other general contractors and our trade partner community in this program, which promotes ongoing improvement and excellence in safety performance. Dave Chandler, SVP – EHS + Integrated Construction, DAVIS

Our Environmental Health and Safety practices are second to none, and here’s why:

  • Regular site inspections and rigorous training sessions
  • Our annual Safety Symposium encouraging new ideas and sharing best practices
  • High hazard planning by project teams and sector leadership

DAVIS is proud to receive this recognition from ABC-VA and VOSH, and we look forward to fulfilling our responsibility as a Tier Two participant by actively mentoring other contractors and subcontractors in their paths to developing safer practices! Our next objective is to reach the highest achievement level in the Virginia BUILT program—Tier Three! Read more about DAVIS’ comprehensive safety program here, and read more about Virginia BUILT!