SAIC - Chantilly Office

  • Client
    Science Applications International Corporation
  • Location
    Chantilly, VA
  • Size
A conference room complete with a flatscreen TV, a long table and chairs.

Project Brief

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) is advancing technology and taking on America's digital transformation. When they needed a new office that reflected their forward-thinking approach, they trusted DAVIS. We renovated an entire Chantilly building, upgrading multiple floors as well as their Agile Center of Excellence (ACE). For the ACE, we performed a comprehensive overhaul of a 30,000 square foot occupied space--we focused on multiple key areas, incorporating security measures, infrastructure upgrades, finishes, and accessibility enhancements. To align with the latest ICD 705 standards, we installed new STC 50 Doors with cam lift hinges and LKM Spin Dials, ensuring secure access control and protection of sensitive information. We also implemented dielectric breaks and grounding for all piping, ensuring compliance with safety and operational standards.

High-end finishes were introduced throughout the building, including energy-efficient light fixtures, mobile back painted glass marker boards, painted exposed ceilings, and green walls that add a touch of nature, promoting a healthy and refreshing ambiance.  Finally, several ADA-aligned upgrades were performed in the general restrooms, including motion activated doors ensuring an inclusive environment for all individuals.