Project Brief

At 655 15th Street NW, in the heart of the District, Met Square is a newly renovated building that transforms organizations who want their employees to love where they work. The transformation of the building itself, however, is a story on its own. Positioned in a crowded environment and incorporating several historic facades, the renovation process had to be smooth and precise—Boston Properties put their trust in DAVIS to make that happen. In total, this project spans over 460,000-SF and encompassed eight phases, with the major phase being a repositioning of an existing atrium in a fully occupied building! Modern and vibrant, the new Met Square is an elegant experience that welcomes human interaction and encourages new ideas.

The most impactful and dramatic aspect of this renovation was the atrium’s transformation. The immense scale of the atrium allows the architectural and interior design features to play of one another to create a spirited destination spot for both visitors and tenants. The design of the concourse invites collaboration, with multiple places for groups to gather. Special materials including Canadian elevation metal panels, Italian stone, and Australian metal roof fins highlight the unique blend of workmanship within the atrium. Coordinating between all these trades required constant communication—we projected our schedules early to prevent any delay. Preparation is key, always.

From the very beginning of Met Square’s development, we knew the complex nature of its occupied construction would be a challenge, and seamless coordination would be required to complete the renovation efficiently. “They offered expertise in design, constructability, and budgeting during the preconstruction phase and they used this information to enhance their performance such that they delivered the project while looking out for our best financial and schedule interest,” said Blake Levy of Boston Properties.

Photos by Jessica Marcotte