• WBC Craftsmanship Award, Unit Masonry

Project Brief

The construction of this luxury apartment complex marked the transformation of a formerly desolate area of downtown Silver Spring into an attractive, residential neighborhood. Conveniently located around the corner from the Silver Spring Metro, Eleven55 features a sleek apartment tower with 351 upscale units in a variety of floor plans (The Tower), along with a smaller adjacent five-story building, which houses 28 luxury loft-style apartments (The Lofts). Twenty-one floors above ground and two stories below-grade, the tower is the tallest apartment building in Silver Spring and our team’s tallest residential construction project to date.

The developer, Home Properties, was new to the area and wanted a construction partner who was knowledgeable — and known in the local market. As the region’s leading general contractor, we were eager to show Home Properties the way, and we’re proud to have delivered a beautiful, certified LEED Gold®, result.

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The developer was entering a new market and needed a GC who could guide them in the right direction. Our local expertise and reputation for being a true partner made us the perfect match.

Dan Ressler, LEED AP® BD+C, Senior Project Manager - ICE, Davis

Weathering the Storm

The harsh winter conditions made working on a building this tall especially challenging, but we equipped the swing stages with extra heating and made sure that our crews stayed warm and safe. The air barrier material, on the other hand, proved less hardy than our people. The consistent cold and rainy conditions prevented us from applying the liquid barrier, as it requires a 24-hour wet weather break. Undeterred, we found a fully-adhered membrane material, and pressed on.

Though tall and modern, Eleven55 echoes the style of the surrounding structures. The tower building is enveloped in intricate masonry, organically-patterned with openings in strategic areas to form a screen — allowing the passage of air and light.

This beautiful and smartly-designed surface required meticulous installation, which was no small feat at such heights in howling winter winds. But through dedication and craftsmanship, our team persevered. Along the way, we hit a few delays caused by the local utility company, but we overcame them through close coordination and an open dialogue between our client and the architect. At DAVIS, open communication is key.

A Natural Transformation

At the end of the day, we delivered a striking LEED Gold® apartment complex filled with upscale amenities, including a sky lounge, a rooftop pool, and a green rooftop terrace that helps buffer storm runoff. All units feature high-end materials and appliances. A lovely pocket park between the building and the Metro continues the sustainable theme — as it includes inscriptions from a native Silver Spring author who is credited with starting the green movement.

A first of its kind in Silver Spring, Eleven55 is part of a larger, nationwide urban-renewal trend. Its close proximity to a major public transportation hub — combined with upscale interiors and pedestrian-friendly outdoor spaces — ensured 100 percent occupancy two months ahead of our client’s expectations.

Photos by Eric Kieley Photography