Shawn is a Project Executive, who, in his five years at DAVIS, has already solved complex and unique challenges in our region, from the renovation of a local Ronald McDonald House to the expansion of a DEA laboratory. Currently, he’s working to delivering the Meritus School of Osteopathic Medicine in Hagerstown, MD. His experience in the industry spans over two decades, though, and Shawn has demonstrated an innate ability to reach project objectives while maintaining a commitment to the DAVIS standard of quality. As a leader, Shawn emphasizes a proactive approach, identifying needs with proper planning and communicating with all stakeholders throughout the process. He brings integrity to the jobsite, exemplifying the DAVIS mission to build success for all. 

Simply put, Shawn gets the job done—he walks the walk, and inspires those around him to help our teams reach success. 

Cutting his teeth as a bricklayer and roofer, Shawn has a passion for working with his hands, his family, and his faith.