Dominic approaches his work with an open mind while stimulating a collaborative and solutions-driven environment. As a leader of DAVIS’ Integrated Marketing + Development (IM+D) group, he works in conjunction with DAVIS teams and external business partners to align our efforts with specific needs of projects – all the while balancing the broader objectives of DAVIS. Dominic’s operations experience managing complex and large-scale projects translates directly into the preconstruction services he leads each day. Viewing every element of a project holistically, he proactively identifies and solves project challenges ahead of the curve.

Dominic hasn't met a spreadsheet he doesn't love — but the truth is, it's the solution he loves more.

Dominic’s operations, preconstruction and marketing communications experience has provided him the opportunity to work with a broad set of teams and unique skill sets. He has felt fortunate to incorporate marketing into his everyday role, helping broaden his foundation and bring a new perspective to DAVIS and the construction industry. Collectively, Dominic’s experience has helped him find commonalities and build a better tomorrow for DAVIS employees, business partners, trade partners and the local community.

Pennsylvania State University, Bachelor of Architectural Engineering – 1999