As a seasoned Project Executive, Chad brings nearly 20 years of construction industry expertise, particularly in K-12 projects, to his role at DAVIS. Chad blends technical expertise with dynamic leadership to ensure our clients' satisfaction, making him a valuable asset to our Education group. 

Chad actively participates in initiatives to partner with the community and improve educational facilities and opportunities for students. He's committed to leaving a lasting impact on the community by actively engaging with residents, local organizations, and stakeholders throughout the entirety of our projects. By listening to their needs and concerns, he ensures that our work not only enhances the physical landscape but also enriches the fabric of the community. Under his guidance, DAVIS has set the standard for excellence in the K-12 market, delivering transformative projects with a lasting legacy of quality and innovation.

Chad doesn't just build structures – he builds connections. He shapes a brighter future for our community one project at a time.

University of Maryland, Bachelor of Applied Science, Construction Management Tech - 2016