Innovator Spotlight - Spunky Woolfolk

Spunky Woolfolk, Yard Manager

At DAVIS, we’re constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve. This industry is always evolving, and the only way to succeed is to innovate. This year, we’re featuring people at DAVIS who help us continue to break new ground—in more ways than one.

If a DAVIS project needs something, just call Spunky Woolfolk. As Yard Manager, Spunky oversees the operations of the DAVIS Yard, the distribution center for equipment and materials that our teams need for day-to-day operations. Tight deadlines are no issue, either, because Spunky is the quickest in the business—and he’s perfected his methods through decades of innovation. Whether it’s office furniture, safety equipment, or anything in between, Spunky and his team have us covered. He also has an extensive track record in motorsports—read more about Spunky below!

Spunky, you’ve been at DAVIS since 1980. Tell us about how you found your way here.
My dad worked for a company that poured concrete when DAVIS was just starting to grow. As they grew, DAVIS was able to attract a lot of local workers, and my dad eventually got on board when the concrete company closed down. There was some extra help needed, so my dad brought me in for what was supposed to be two days of work—and this June (2022) will mark 42 years.

You’ve really seen it all. What different roles have you taken on?
For the first 10 years I worked out in the field, then I started driving a truck. Now I manage the DAVIS Yard—we distribute equipment and construction merchandise to project teams whenever they’re in need.

Spunky Woolfolk, his wife, and another employee
Spunky, his wife Stacy, and long-time DAVIS friend Ridge Kelley

Construction is a tough business, with a lot of surprises and unique needs. How do you handle your toughest days?
I take on each challenge one at a time, and my biggest motivation is knowing I can make something great happen for someone else. I get some complicated requests, but I do whatever I can to accomplish those tasks.  “No” is not in my vocabulary. This wasn’t for a job, but once I got a call from Jim Davis’ daughter—she had gotten into an accident and needed someone to bring her a car. I called Glen, our Yard Technician, and we brought it to her.

Spunky Woolfolk drag racing
Spunky and his team pose with the 5-foot trophy after winning the match race

Wow, that is incredible.
I would have done it for anyone else, too—people know they can call me if they need anything.

What’s some advice you would give someone just starting out in the industry?
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s okay to not know something—whoever you’re working with will understand that more than thinking you don’t need any help.

Tell us about Woolfolk Family Motorsports.
I’ve always loved cars. I got my son into Junior Dragsters—that’s where 8-18-year-olds drag race. We were involved in that from 1998-2005, and we won a lot. I spent many long nights in the shed working on cars. I’ve got a soapbox derby car right now, and it’s ready for a lucky kid to get in and drive.

Spunky Drag racing
Spunky and his son Brandon with their car, the Brandonator II, at the Maryland International Raceway

What’s it like to win a race?
To me, there’s no feeling like it. Driving in front of the crowd with the door open, it’s really special. I’ve even signed a few autographs (laughs).

And now you drive the DAVIS truck! You’ve always had driving in your life in some way.
In my junior and senior year of high school, I drove a school bus. My dad drove one when he was in school, too. They probably wouldn’t allow that today!

A lot sure has changed since 1980, but you’re still at DAVIS!
It’s been great to build relationships with the people here, and it’s exciting to watch DAVIS continue to grow.