Fast Facts

Since 1966, DAVIS has done more than just keep up with the times, we’ve set the pace. From our unrivaled virtual construction capabilities to our on and off the jobsite sustainability initiatives, we’re employing the latest technologies — and the most qualified people — to redefine our industry’s future.

Team meeting on-site



Excellence in Service
Fulfilling our clients’ highest expectations

Ensuring a culture of respect and acceptance, where all employees have a sense of purpose and belonging

Exhibiting honesty and fairness while holding ourselves accountable for our actions

Building Relationships
Creating and maintaining strong partnerships through leadership, creative solutions and hard work

Natalie Bryner

Our Mission

Redefining the way people experience construction by building success for all.

Brookfield HQ interior

Our Vision

At DAVIS, our vision is to build a culture that is innovative, connected and balanced.

A Mind for the Future
Always curious, never complacent – we invest in ourselves, our processes, and our partners to be better than the day before.

Powerful Connections
We are a place where lifelong friends are made – a diverse community where trust, empathy, and fairness will always take priority over the bottom line.

Life Well Lived
We empower one another to grow, to provide, to be healthy – in pursuit of our life ambitions.