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Project Brief

We’re proud to be an approved general contractor for INOVA, a leading hospital system that provides world-class healthcare in Northern Virginia. We earned this important designation because of the quality of our healthcare staff, our experience with sensitive occupied renovations in the healthcare sector, and our regional reputation as a true partner to our clients.

Today, we perform project renovation work at each of INOVA’s five hospital campuses: INOVA Fairfax, INOVA Loudoun, INOVA Mount Vernon, INOVA Alexandria and INOVA Fair Oaks. In fact, we’ve completed nearly 20 projects at these hospitals to date — with more on the horizon. While these projects typically vary in size and scope, our mission is constant: to provide the very best construction services for INOVA, while remaining transparent to the patients' overall experience.

From our project team

Hospitals who get to know us lean on us very quickly because of our holistic approach to construction. We pride ourselves on our preconstruction services — our keen ability to provide an accurate and detailed vision that helps our clients see the big picture.

Will Cox, Director, Davis

Medical Equipment Upgrades: Working Around the Patients' Needs

We perform a variety of construction for INOVA, including medical equipment renovations. To do these jobs the right way, we take extreme caution — removing the equipment infrastructure and replacing it, before finishing the architectural upgrades — all within tight quarters, and without disrupting patients or medical personnel.

The Radiology Department is a specific example where INOVA regularly evaluates its X-ray, CAT scan and MRI equipment for potential upgrades. When upgrading these machines, we are particularly careful to conduct our work without affecting the calibration or compromising the quality of the image being taken just feet away.

Infrastructure Improvements: Building to the Highest Standard

As an experienced general contractor working in highly-sensitive medical environments, DAVIS is uniquely equipped to carry out complex infrastructure improvements. These upgrades include air handlers, cooling towers, chillers, medical gas systems, and critical MEP systems that feed oxygen ports, ventilators, and other lifesaving equipment. And when we do these infrastructure improvements, we don’t just do them cautiously, we do them the right way.

Infectious Disease Isolation Rooms: Expertise to Keep Patients Safe

There is no room for error when it comes to building infectious disease isolation rooms. Shortly following the heightened threat of an Ebola outbreak, INOVA called on us to create clinically safe spaces where they could treat patients without putting medical personnel or other patients at risk. As experts with negative air environments and regulatory codes in hospitals, we installed and positioned equipment so that infected air did not migrate into adjacent areas. Ultimately, it was our knowledge and hospital renovation experience that kept INOVA’s patients safe and undisturbed throughout construction.

Patient Common Area Upgrades: Connecting in Comfort

General common areas are important zones for patient connection. A registration space is the first thing a patient sees when entering a hospital, and visiting family members may spend hours in a waiting room. We take this to heart when performing renovations — and build comfortable, welcoming environments where visitors can await results or patients can relax before an appointment. Our team has renovated every type of administrative and common area — upgrading dated interiors with modern features. It's our hope that when patients and visitors walk through INOVA’s doors, they feel at ease in a state-of-the-art atmosphere.

Photos by Jim Tetro