Mission Critical

Mission Critical

Trust Doesn't Build Itself

For some of our clients, downtime is not an option. When constructing mission critical facilities, absolute system performance, security, connectivity and flexibility are essential. From command centers that control and track vast amounts of data to mission critical operation support space, we have the proven technical expertise to ensure your information is protected 24/7.

Long before we chalk the first line, we’ve already addressed every project issue — virtually. We begin by meticulously planning your project sequencing, building efficiency without compromising safety or quality. Through our virtual construction process, we develop a coordination model that allows us to remotely fabricate the equipment — delivering pinpoint accuracy and saving both money and time.

Our holistic approach ensures seamless interdisciplinary coordination, and we apply our commissioning and sustainability best practices from start to finish. Successfully managing every detail is mission critical to us.

During the recent construction of a data center on a highly secure campus, our virtual construction team detailed an electrical model that allowed for over 90 percent of conduit to be prefabricated. This reduced the on-site installation time by over three months.

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