George Mason Memorial

George Mason Memorial

Memorializing a Forgotten Founding Father

Symbolically located between the Thomas Jefferson and Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorials, the George Mason Memorial is a tribute to the life and work of an important Founding Father whose contributions have gone somewhat overlooked. Known as the author of the Virginia Declaration of Rights, George Mason inspired Thomas Jefferson in drafting the Declaration of Independence.

As the general contractor selected to build this national memorial, we are honored to have solidified George Mason’s legacy in a physical, lasting way. Today, tourists from all over the country — and the world — are able to visit this memorial, and we're proud to have built it.

  • Project type
    Cultural + Community
  • Architect
    Rhodeside & Harwell
  • client
    National Park Service

This was a special project for me, for our company, and for our country. It was our goal to make this an interactive site that could be enjoyed by all.

Naresh Kayastha, Director, DAVIS

A Solid Character

At the time of its construction, the George Mason Memorial was the first on the National Mall to recognize a non-president. Adding to its uniqueness, landscape architect Rhodeside & Harwell designed the site to be accessible — enabling visitors to sit down on a stone bench, right next to a larger-than-life bronze statue of George Mason. This design element symbolizes the forefather’s unpretentious nature.

His humble character is also reflected in the elegant design of the memorial, which features stone columns, reinforced steel and wood trellises, a flagstone and seeded concrete plaza, and hand-carved marble walls displaying some of Mason's most insightful quotes. A circular fountain is surrounded by beautiful gardens, including several of his favorite plants, such as Boxwood Hedge. These personal touches were drawn from the architectural details and gardens at Gunston Hall, Mason’s home in Virginia.

All men are born equally free and independent, and have certain inherent natural rights...among which are the enjoyment of life and liberty.

George Mason, May 1776

Building a Legacy: Where Style and Substance Meet

Specifying materials is critical to every project, and the George Mason Memorial was no exception. Our team partnered with the landscape architect to performance-test the materials and determine those best suited for this type of outdoor monument. In order to translate the architect's vision into a reality without compromising the design integrity, we used traditional marble for key architectural details, and more robust granite for structural elements.

The Beauty in Honor

The George Mason Memorial draws countless visitors every year and its gardens have become a popular backdrop for wedding ceremonies and engagement photos. As for our DAVIS team, this memorial serves as a symbol of pride and dedication.

Photos by Stewart Bros. Photographers