As Construction Executive, Gordon supervises the construction process, helps our teams hit their goals, and ensures our clients can depend on us during all phases of a project. Over his three decades with DAVIS, he has built an impressive and diverse portfolio of experience with projects ranging from the Under Armour campus in Baltimore, MD to government agencies and international hotel chains. Additionally, his experience as a carpenter foreman for multiple firms has given him the field perspective and knowledge that helps him relate to and communicate with anyone on the job site. 

Gordon’s leadership skills are a critical resource to our project teams, as others look to him for the standard of a quality product. He has seen our region’s toughest challenges and most daunting builds while keeping a level head to hit project goals. He also ensures our rigorous safety program is followed by all, because at DAVIS, making sure everyone arrives home safely is our highest priority. 

Gordon’s leadership keeps our teams on the right track and our clients in the right hands. 

Gordon can often be found on his 32-acre farm building various projects of his own, including a new tool barn!