Paul Athanas

Paul Athanas

Vice President

Paul’s exceptional intellect is only outshined by his technical expertise.

Smart, perceptive, and well-versed in the latest building technologies, Paul is responsible for the planning and execution of our building renovation projects. With a particular focus on commercial modernization, his skills include managing the preconstruction process and incorporating unique approaches to complicated renovation challenges.

Paul is a creative problem-solver who analyzes and innovatively delivers complex projects — often in tight urban settings with bordering historic properties and public interaction. Surprise jobsite challenges from existing conditions and changes in plans don’t faze him. Never hesitating to roll up his sleeves, Paul’s daily interaction with project management and field staff ensures that DAVIS continues to be the go-to leader in building renewal.

Pennsylvania State University, Bachelor of Architectural Engineering, Mechanical Option – 1998

If Paul invites you over to relax, there are most likely strings attached — guitar strings that is! This music buff also enjoys spending time with his kids, hiking + biking.