Bill Moyer

Bill Moyer


Bill’s technical expertise, base building knowledge, and organizational talents ensure excellence.

Bill is known as the big-picture guy. Joining DAVIS in 1984, Bill channeled his passion for construction into developing an extensive body of construction knowledge, and he expects the same from every employee.

His unerring attention to detail drives our company-wide focus on quality — from preconstruction through completion, and has contributed to our reputation as the go-to contractor for commercial buildings. His in-depth knowledge of all things construction makes him invaluable to DAVIS, and our clients love him for his no-nonsense approach and ability to identify problems and cost-effective solutions early. Bill is also heavily involved in our University Partnership program, and currently sits on the Penn State Architectural Engineering Industry Advisory Board, as well as the Virginia Tech Industry Advisory Board and Futures Committee.

Pennsylvania State University, Bachelor of Architectural Engineering with Construction Management Option – 1979

Bill’s belief in long lasting connections is well-founded. On his first-ever construction project, Bill developed a friendship with the project architect — who recommended him to Jim Davis, Sr. — and he joined the firm in 1984. And the architect? More than 35 years later, he is the Senior VP of Construction for one of our largest clients.