Natalie Miller to be Recognized at #WE18


Natalie Miller to be Recognized at #WE18

Oct 16, 2018

Later this week, our own Natalie Miller will be recognized as a recipient of the Distinguished New Engineer award at the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) WE Conference in Minneapolis, MN! A natural leader within DAVIS and the industry, she manages to effortlessly strike a balance between her career and outreach accomplishments.

Natalie joined DAVIS as an intern back in 2008, and then came on full time as an Assistant Project Manager in 2009. In less than ten years, she has risen to a Senior Project Manager - Integrated Construction Engineer where she is responsible for overall project management on select large corporate interior fitout and renovation projects, serving as the primary representative for DAVIS to her clients.

We sat down with Natalie to hear what she had to say about SWE, the impact it’s had on her career, and some words of wisdom for up and coming female STEM leaders.

How were you engaged with SWE during your time in college?

I became involved with SWE as a freshman when I heard about it on campus and began attending meetings. The organization provided great networking, leadership and outreach opportunities with students and professionals.

When serving as the president of the Pennsylvania State University collegiate section (with 400+ members), I became very comfortable speaking in front of others. My involvement really helped to build my resume and I truly believe it is the reason I eventually landed an internship at DAVIS!

What has been the most valuable thing you’ve learned as a result of your involvement?

Young students are sponges, and they want to interact! My involvement with SWE gave me the opportunity to see all of the possibilities that come with an engineering degree. My favorite part has been providing outreach to students in kindergarten all the way to college. I want kids to know that you can achieve anything you want, and not to let a counselor or anyone else tell you otherwise.

If you could go back to ten years ago, what advice would you give yourself?

Give back to those that have given so much of their time to furthering others!

Natalie’s top advice for young women in the STEM community:

  • Take on three-month internships to find out if you love specific career paths. Determining that you don’t like something is just as important as determining that you do.
  • Explore courses outside of your major, you never know how they could benefit you in the future professionally or personally.
  • Continue to do what drives you, and don’t always follow the crowd.
  • Do your research and rely on yourself to self-teach!
  • Step up to responsibilities, because you won’t always be asked.
  • Be persistent. If you aren’t successful on a first try, that’s ok. Keep showing up demonstrating your interest until you get a shot!


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