Five Things to Consider for Return to the Workplace

Five Things to Consider for Return to the Workplace

Jun 27, 2021

“Return to normal.” These three simple, yet welcoming words have become common place recently in society and within our current construction landscape. As we all plan for the return of the masses in a non-virtual environment, we offer some learned and valuable insight on building readiness, potential remote hybrid spaces and our collective path forward.   

Rejuvenate the workspace

Sound superficial? It doesn’t have to be! Freshening up the space for the employees’ return can have far reaching effects. Simple aesthetic refreshes with paint, wallcoverings and flooring can both increase comfort levels and boost employee incentives to return to the office.

Reassess your space needs

In addition to updating the space you already occupy, consider what bigger changes can be made to support your ever-evolving needs. Has the ratio of personal to collaboration space changed? Have you considered outdoor options and wellness enhancements? It’s the perfect opportunity to assess your needs and revamp your space to accommodate new workstyles.

Service idle equipment

If you haven’t used the equipment in your space for several months, there is a good chance that these dormant systems will benefit from preventative maintenance to avoid larger issues in the future. Scheduled service to mechanical units, A/V & electrical equipment and water distribution systems among others prior to the staff’s return will ensure a smooth homecoming.

Prepare for hybrid A/V needs

Hybrid work arrangements mean you’ll likely need to accommodate meetings that combine virtual and in-person attendance. From software to furniture to revamped A/V setups in your office space, there are many factors to consider when creating an equitable meeting environment for all participants.

Revisit your sustainable culture/practices

With a fresh mindset, now is the time to think about your sustainable practices. What changes (big or small) can your workforce make to minimize their carbon footprint? Simple adjustments like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or alternative transportation, can add up over time. Or perhaps you’re ready to take on an enhanced recycling/composting program in the workplace or offsetting your consumption by purchasing renewable energy. Any and all steps in this sustainable arena will help reduce impact to the planet and reinforce your healthy reputation in the marketplace.


DAVIS remains deeply vested within your workspaces and within the partnerships we have forged along the way. We would welcome the opportunity to sit with your property management and design teams to review potential maintenance and refresh opportunities within your buildings and workspaces. Connect with Ben CohenJon Ellen or Jim Camlek to jump start this process!