DAVIS X Sean Fox


DAVIS X Sean Fox

Apr 28, 2021

Sean Fox is a Senior Project Manager within our Renovation group. He’s been working closely with our trade partners, including Katerra on 80 M Street – read about this partnership here. We talked with Sean about his role at DAVIS, the future of renovation, and more!

How long have you worked at DAVIS?
I’ve been at DAVIS for 6 years now. I was actually an intern back in 2007, though.

What led you to come back?
I don’t think anything led me back—this was always the route I wanted to go. I got some field experience that was really invaluable, and I realized I just liked working with DAVIS. What we stand for, the work we do—it’s just a great place to be.

What has it been like to grow into a Senior Project Manager?
I have been incredibly lucky to have seen some of the most challenging projects in DAVIS’ history in just six years. I first worked on the DHHS campus, then moved to the Capital One headquarters, which was so massive. Then, I worked on the Met Square renovation, which was a 9-phase job in a challenging occupied environment. Now, I’m on 80 M Street, the first mass timber commercial office project in DC, and it’s been great.

What is it about DAVIS that has helped you grow in your career?
What’s helped me in my career is just being around people who love construction and have a genuine passion. It’s easy to build a culture like that when everyone around you has a real desire to make it happen. We all have a respect for one another, and we take our projects from paper and bring them to reality.

What have you learned by working with the Renovation group on projects like 80 M Street?
Renovation has been a mindset reset for me, and I’ve learned so much. In the repositioning world, you have to know your project forwards and backwards. The first thing we’re doing on site is taking things down to prepare for renovations, so we end up working in reverse. You’re also dealing with occupied structures and a crowded downtown environment, so there are many obstacles.

What do you see for the future of the Renovation group?
I think DC’s going to be a huge area for renovations, with less and less space being available. A lot of developers are considering what to do with the property they have. There’s plenty of room to grow outside the District too—and maybe one day DC will remove their height restrictions. It’s definitely an exciting time.