Capturing Reality Through Laser Scanning


Capturing Reality Through Laser Scanning

Jun 12, 2017

We’re in the business of delivering the best quality product from day one. That’s why we’re employing state-of-the-art reality capture technologies, like laser scanning, to meet your project’s unique needs – from customized interior build-outs to specialized renovations.

Experience, Expertise + Partnership

With over 50 years of commercial repositioning experience, we’ve established long-standing industry partnerships and a reputation as the go-to contractor in the region. And for nearly ten years, we’ve perfected the art of restoration and renovation by integrating reality capture technologies for the best construction solutions. We’ve successfully completed the area’s largest and most technically complex projects, including a record-breaking building move, completing one of DC’s largest renovations, and restoring an iconic historical arena to its former glory.

Our expert field engineers and surveyors use the latest reality capture hardware including Leica MultiStations and ScanStations, as well as several specialty software programs to provide numerous deliverable options for client and project needs. Our expertise and software allow for 2D plans, 3D models, point clouds, floor + wall deviation maps, façade analysis, and customized deliverables. In addition to the best technology and software, our clients also get the best industry experts devoted to their project’s needs. Recognized as an industry thought-leader, DAVIS Survey Specialist and laser scanning expert, Shaun Lewis, will be presenting at HxGN LIVE for the second year in a row. We also recently partnered with Leica for an educational video featuring their technology and our capabilities. 

Capturing Every Angle, Without Cutting Corners

Before clients acquire a property for renovation or new construction, we’re able to provide a complete picture of existing conditions using Leica’s technology. In less than a week’s time, our field engineers and surveyors can scan an existing structure and produce accurate analysis using our specialized software. Depending on a project’s size, laser scanning amounts to less than one percent of a project’s overall cost. And by collaborating directly with design teams throughout the design process, we’re able to identify potential problems and offer proactive solutions before a design is even finalized. In addition, as one of our many quality standard measures, we use reality capture technology to guarantee accuracy throughout the entire construction process, helping to save valuable time and avoid costly adjustments. We also have the capability to provide clients remote access to view models, point clouds, or analysis specific to their project.

Interested in learning more about our reality capture services? Contact Chris Scanlon for more information.