Built X You: The DAVIS 2021 Internship

Built X You: The DAVIS 2021 Internship

Jul 29, 2021

Last year’s DAVIS internship was unique, to say the least. The COVID-19 crisis was still fairly new to us, and we made the decision to go virtual for the first time. The interns were able to adapt to the New Normal™, but working remotely isn’t the ideal way to get your first real-world job experience. However, this year, our Human Resources team was able to put together a safe, in-person summer, with social distancing and proper density planning. We talked with this year’s interns about what it was like to see DAVIS in action!

In-Person Experience

Whether it was conducting safety observations, taking 3D scans, or just being in the office and meeting people, the interns were able to experience DAVIS in person instead of through a Microsoft Teams call. John Abruzzi, who worked at the Facebook Reston project, said, “Being able to experience both the on-site and project management side of construction showed me the coordination that needs to occur between countless parties for the job to run smoothly,” and Morgan Prichard, who worked in Interiors, said, “One day, I can be in the office working on submittals and RFIs and the next, I could be onsite seeing that effort come to life.”

Real-World Lessons

The classroom can prepare you for work, but doing the work is a different ballgame, and the interns will take some important lessons back to campus with them in the fall. Jackson McGill, Financial Accounting intern, said that he learned about balance sheets and income statements in school, but at DAVIS, he was able to see “how the workflow contributed to those financial statements and how a company manages itself in order to remain in good financial standing.” Walter Ward, who worked on the Chemonics HQ and the Navy Yard District Parcel G projects, said that the DAVIS internship presented him with higher stakes and more direct involvement than his classes. “My biggest lesson of this summer was seeing how different trades work and interact with one another and understanding how a large scale project is managed over time.” Ward said. Colleen Beatty spoke of her biggest lesson during the summer working at Reston Engineering Two Freedom, “If you want to get anywhere, you need to treat people like people.” Well said, Colleen!

Getting to Know DAVIS

Internships can be daunting, and it’s not always easy being comfortable around established professionals as a student. However, the DAVIS family has always been an accepting one, and this year’s interns were welcomed with open arms. Maddie Sanders, working on the Luminis Health Behavioral Health Pavilion project, said she felt like her team cared about her learning process and took time to answer her questions. “I love that they have trusted me to complete tasks and have challenged me in the process,” she explained. Luke Olmstead, working on both The Yards Parcel G and St. Elizabeth’s Parcel 17 projects, said that Vice President Dave Purdy was an especially helpful mentor. “Being around Dave taught me how important it is to communicate effectively—he made me a more precise and punctual speaker.”

Visit the DAVIS Intern Instagram for more insight into this year’s program. Thanks to all of our interns for their hard work in what has truly been a humid DC summer.