Virtual Construction

Better Construction, Better Value

Before we chalk the first line or turn dirt, we’ve already addressed many jobsite issues — virtually. No other company offers our unique blend of expertise or incorporates such a wide-scale, holistic approach to construction. 

By integrating sustainable and critical thinking with Virtual Construction (VC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM), technology enhances our process in multiple ways. It supports proactive problem solving, and promotes an accurate understanding of site conditions, design visualization, and trade coordination. Unlike most firms that operate a separate technical team, all of our project teams are educated on using technology to directly impact projects and solve problems when they arise. With our virtual models, we collaborate with designers, engineers, and subcontractors to resolve any conflicts before materials are fabricated and prior to installation in the field, resolving issues before they negatively impact the project.

We build to a higher quality — faster, safer, and more efficiently — improving our construction approach with cost- and risk-reducing solutions.

Our extensive use of in-house laser scanning technology helps not only in establishing accurate as-built models, but also for quality control. With our scanners we record true slab conditions, detail existing above-ceiling layouts, map exterior topography, and confirm construction accuracy with design drawings — while we are building. Now that’s coordination!



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