Specialized Renovation

Giving Old Buildings a Fresh Perspective

We have an incredible depth of renovation experience, ranging from boutique buildings to complex sites covering entire city blocks. Our team is accomplished at understanding the techniques and materials used in creating the original buildings, and every project is unique. We know this because we have completed all types of renovations — from minor modifications to highly complex overhauls of existing structures, and from exterior façade facelifts to base building systems and life safety enhancements.

No one has the experience to give old buildings new life like we do at DAVIS.

Our tried and true 360° approach distinguishes us throughout every project phase — from detailed preconstruction planning, to jobsite logistics management, meticulous site review for concealed or potentially hazardous conditions, and all the way to move-in. In occupied environments, we minimize tenant impact and work around occupied spaces — and often — public transit zones, to avoid disruption of building or business operations. Being flexible and able to quickly adapt to unique conditions is paramount.

We control project quality well before we begin construction. Leveraging Virtual Construction (VC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM), we have perfected the art of restoration and renovation. Our technology experts are part of the project team, delivering exact documentation of existing conditions. With pinpoint accuracy, they map out how new technology and utilities will work in spaces not originally designed to accommodate them.



means being flexible to your needs

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